23 April 2021


As we figured out our 1% retro checks, the totals were incorrect. The City now admitted they did not pay us the 1% from Jan-Oct 2020. We will be seeing another retro check for this time in the next few months. They also owe us for the shortage in the 2020 quarterly checks for the last 3 payments of that year. Finance has also been instructed to provide a breakdown for our members once we are made whole.

We still have outstanding grievances for these two items.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.


Kevin M Chambers

President CPDCA





30March 2021

This year, largely due to the change in Speaker, the Illinois House of Representatives sent an unprecedented number of bills out of committee. One of those bills, House Bill 1727 passed out of the Illinois House of Representatives Committee. HB 1727 eliminates all immunities (including qualified immunity) for police officers. Qualified immunity means individual officers cannot be held liable for violating unclear constitutional principles. Tort immunity is a series of statutory bars on liability for officers (and all other public employees) in the performance of their duties. The bill eliminates all immunity for police officers. All other public officials would retain their immunities. Oddly, HB 1727 comes out of committee before the completion (or beginning) of a legislatively mandated study by the Task Force on Constitutional Rights and Remedies regarding qualified immunity. If it were to become law, HB 1727 would be catastrophic for Illinoisans and the police officers who serve them. Unjustly singling out police officers for such treatment only serves to further demonize our already maligned profession. If it became law, HB1727 would cripple recruitment and retention of qualified police officers in Illinois and eviscerate local governmental budgets.


Our lobbyists, Union leadership, and the Coalition of Frontline Police Officers are working hard to defeat this potentially devastating legislation.


HB 1727 is now on the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives for consideration as early as April 13, 2021. The House is on spring break from now until April 12, 2021. Meaning, Representatives are not in Springfield, they are in their home districts.


We ask you to join us in the fight to stop this dangerous legislation. Please call and email the representatives who represent the districts where you work and live. Please do so at their home district offices, not their Springfield offices.


When speaking with representatives and their staff, always be polite, professional, and on-point when explaining your opposition to this legislation. Together, we can beat this bad bill. Until then, know we have your back and are dedicated to preserving the rights of law enforcement.




18 March 2021


     I am providing a hyperlink to a house bill that is being heard tomorrow in the State capitol. It is an IOD bill that forces the City to make a determination in a reasonable period of time and has the city pay the bills until a final determination is made.

Please fill out the witness slip and submit it today when you get a chance.


15 March 2021



    As was discussed at the meeting......


-The retro for the shorted quarterly check is supposed to be paid out on the 07 Apr check.

-The retro for the 1% effective from 01 July 2017 to Oct 2020 is supposed to be paid on the 16 Apr check.

      Both of these issues currently have arbitration dates set. If we get paid on the said dates, the grievances will be pulled.


We are finally getting our calendar books. They should be out within the week. We are getting another vendor next year.


We are almost within a year our current contract expiring. Our current contract expires on 30 Jun 2022. This means we will file our intent to begin the negotiation process once again. What we would like is for the active members to send us issues that we could bring up at the next contract negotiation. Anything that could protect and enhance our current benefits is welcome. If you think of an issue, please send an email to this address and we will keep a running file that the negotiation team can discuss and present in the future.


Stay safe and look out for our officers.


Kevin M Chambers



03 March 2021

Looking forward to the upcoming Captains Cornbeef and Cabbage dinner at the Irish American Heritage Center on Monday 08 March 2021 6-9pm. 



15 Feb 2021



Welcome to our new website! We now have the ability to post up to date information and resourses for our members on our site. We will be sending out emails to you with instructions on how to sign up for our password protected members only page on the site. In addition to emails our site will be your reference guide for new events and information pertaining to Captains. 


Kevin M. Chambers
President-CPCA Unit 156C



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